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Yesterday morning I awoke to find that a thick blanket of fog had settled in. I haven’t taken many photos in foggy conditions so I thought I’d give it a try.

Spider webs laden with fog droplets hung like garlands from bare tree branches. Bonus: you could spot the webs before running into them and getting a faceful.


I accidentally disturbed this young bald eagle who’d been sitting by the water, probably hunting for its breakfast. After this I spotted a few more eagles perched low in trees or on rocks. I guess the visibility was poor for even their sharp eyes.

withstanding the elements

A spider hangs out in its fog-spangled web on a cool September morning. At this time of year a lot of spiders seem to make their way into the house, seeking shelter I suppose. I always have a small twinge of guilt whenever I catch one and chuck it outside.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance