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jewel beetle (2 images)

This is a Golden Buprestid beetle, more commonly known as a jewel beetle because of its iridescent sheen and beautiful colours.

This one was in some distress when I found it on the patio, unable to move freely because of what looked like sticky spider web strands wound around its body. With the aid of a small twig, I gently removed the strands, then placed the little critter on a Queen Anne’s lace flower. It seemed pretty happy, stretching its wings for a bit before retreating beneath the flower to rest and recover from its ordeal.

Golden Buprestid beetle, Pender Island B.C.

Golden Buprestid beetle, Pender Island B.C.

taste tester

Yesterday morning, I was prowling the yard with my macro lens and found this swallowtail. It was so intent on its hunt for sweet, sweet nectar in the salvia flowers that it didn’t mind me getting extremely close.

swallowtail face, Pender Island B.C.

The butterflies and hummingbirds seem to prefer the red hot poker flowers above all; the bees prefer the salvia. But now that the pokers are just about done blooming, the salvia plant is the centre of attention. This plant seeded itself in our garden last year, and has thrived. And what a great plant it is, flowering non-stop from May to September. I notice we have a whole bunch of new little plants around it, so I’m hoping that next year there will be plenty of salvia for all the little critters.

red dragon

I went out to the lake a couple of days ago to check out the dragonflies. They aren’t at their peak yet, but I did manage to find this cardinal meadowhawk which after a few minutes of flightiness when I first invaded its territory, finally decided I wasn’t a threat and allowed me to take its portrait.

cardinal meadowhawk dragonfly, Pender Island B.C.