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white lace

In the fall of 2015, I took a picture of this tree in all its golden glory. Here it is in the spring, blooming its heart out at the side of the road.


flowering tree, Pender Island B.C.


In summer and winter, this little tree almost disappears into the background foliage, but for two seasons of the year, it really shines.

(This photo is the result of an in-camera multiple exposure combining a straight and a blurred image.)



This crazy weather! Mother Nature chose this morning to remind us with a heavy snow shower that she will be the one to decide whether it’s winter or spring.

(I converted this image to black and white with Nik’s Silver Efex.)




future cherries (2 images)

When we purchased our property a few years ago, I was surprised to discover that the tree with the pretty spring blossoms bore actual cherries later in the year. The birds tend to snag the cherries as soon as they ripen, but that’s OK.


A black and white version, just for fun.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future


At the moment I feel like I’m living in a big marsh. The earth is saturated and squelchy, the ditches are full and running strong, and there are puddles everywhere. After a week of heavy rains, the sun came out briefly yesterday morning to illuminate a layer of mist over the lake before once again being obscured by clouds.

mist over lake Pender Island B.C.