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embracing the unknown

With regards to photography, sure I have goals: improve my technique, expand my artistic vision, blah, blah, blah… but I find if I’m too rigid about following a plan, or chase pre-conceived notions, my creativity can suffer. Whereas if I go with the flow and allow myself to be open to all possibilities, new ideas often blossom. So I prefer my horizon to be a little foggy (haha, see what I did there?).

Medicine Beach fog Pender Island

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

foggy morning at Hope Bay

I’ve always been drawn to simplicity and minimalism in photography. I admire the spare beauty of images by photographers such as Michael Kenna and Michael Levin: deceptively simple compositions executed with a true artist’s eye.

Here is one of my attempts at a minimalist image.

fog off Hope Bay, Pender Island B.C.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

sea of clouds

Living on an island means I am surrounded by the constant boundary of the ocean. It defines the contours of the land, separates me from the mainland, and sometimes at high tide cuts off access to certain areas. So it was yesterday morning, when I found that the shoreline I’d planned to use for the foreground of my photo was under water.

Oh well, I took this picture instead, which I’m not unhappy with. The fog was starting to dissipate, and lacking an anchoring foreground, the islet appears to be drifting off in a sea of clouds.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries