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the nursery

I found these little mushrooms sprouting in clumps all over the moss-covered trunk of a fallen tree.


Each mushroom was no larger in diameter than a nickel, but the contrast of their coral hue against the green of the moss was striking. Most of the mushrooms I’ve found around here are a dull beige or white, so discovering these was quite a thrill. I’ll be going out again today in pursuit of further fungus euphoria.


Yesterday I went out for a hike through the woods looking for signs of autumn. I found this little cluster of mushrooms growing in the hollow of some tree roots. You know a change of seasons is underway when the mushrooms start popping up.


A dozen perfect specimens (yes, I can count, the twelfth is hiding behind the mushroom on the lower left), layered just so. It was almost as if they’d arranged themselves into this pose and were patiently waiting for a photographer to find them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change