blood moon

Yesterday evening I ventured out to photograph the super eclipse (a total lunar eclipse coinciding with a super moon). Arriving at my chosen location, a beach with a clear view of Mount Baker and the moonrise, I found a large crowd already assembled there. It was quite the community event! I found a driftwood log to sit on, set up my camera and tripod, and waited.

Haze and a sky still bright from the setting sun made the rising moon difficult to see.


The “blood moon” effect intensified as the sky darkened and the eclipse became total.


The next super moon eclipse happens in 2033.

22 thoughts on “blood moon

  1. Paige

    I love EVERYTHING about that top photo. Please tell me that you have some of these enlarged and hanging in your house! If not, can I do it in mine???? : )

  2. LaNae

    Nice job! Gots to get me a tripod! I struck out (to be expected without tripod) and quickly gave up and just enjoyed the view. I’ll be ready by 2033!!

  3. Noortje Russel

    One of the most original photo’s of the blood moon. Most I’ve seen are of only the moon covering the whole picture, but this is so much more special. Especially the first one is breathtakingly beautiful!


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