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white boat

The boat made no pretensions to beauty; it was remarkable only in the stark whiteness of its utilitarian fibreglass hull. But I liked the way it looked, set atop an ancient driftwood log, with a background of frosted foliage that preserved the minimalist colour palette.


white boat, Pender Island B.C.


winter ambience

Most people would associate the term “ambience” with an indoor space or man-made environment, but I’d argue that nature can have some pretty spectacular ambience, too – such as this morning’s sunrise that lit the harbour with golden light. It almost looks warm, doesn’t it? But the temperature was just below freezing.


winter light, Pender Island B.C.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

ice variations (2 images)

These are the last of my ice series photos. I went minimalist for the first image, and embraced chaos for the second.

Our current cold snap (cold, that is, for the Pacific Northwest) is supposed to last through the  week, and then it’s back to the usual mild temperatures and rain. I have to say I’ll miss our wintry weather.


ice abstract, Pender Island B.C.


ice abstract, Pender Island B.C.


winter’s bluster (3 images)

Honestly, I really didn’t feel like venturing out this morning. The temperature was around freezing with a stiff wind which made it feel a lot colder. But I gave myself a stern talking to, bundled up, and headed down to the beach.

The salt spray immediately coated my lens, and the wind made my eyes water, necessitating much wiping of each. Despite the bracing weather, it really was a beautiful winter morning.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


the vagaries of west coast weather

Sundown, Gowlland Point, Pender Island
(4 images)

One afternoon a couple of days ago I decided, despite the overcast skies and uninspiring light, to drive down to one of my favourite photography locations on South Pender Island. If nothing else the pup and I would get in a good walk before dinner, and you never know what the tide might have washed in.

So we arrived, hiked the length the first beach and over the bluff, then made our way down to the second beach. That’s when I felt the first drops. I’d checked the forecast earlier, and there’d been no rain predicted, but Mother Nature laughs in the face of weather forecasts. Especially in winter on B.C.’s west coast.

In the rapidly deteriorating conditions I wasn’t seeing anything especially enticing to photograph, and the front of my lens was getting covered in raindrops, so with a sigh I packed my camera away in my bag. I pulled on my coat hood and the pup and I started back the way we’d come, with me muttering darkly to myself about the gas I’d wasted driving here and my most excellent timing regarding the weather. I glanced down at the pup, snug in her jacket and happy to be out. At least we were getting some exercise and fresh, if excessively damp, air.

We got back to the first beach and wonder of wonders, it stopped raining. Under a brightening sky I took a couple of pictures of the ocean shining in the blue light.

Silver seas, Pender Island
Silver seas, Pender Island

Then unexpectedly the sun broke through the clouds, gilding the cliff-tops and turning the dark eastern sky to violet and blue. I knew I had only a few minutes at best, so I ran around like a madwoman to find a decent composition. A few (too few!) shots later, the sun sank behind the hill. The golden moment was over.

sundown Gowlland Point Pender Island B.C.

It wasn’t until I’d packed up and turned to leave that I noticed another photographer down the beach a ways. He waved, and I said, “Nice bit of light just then.” “Yeah, didn’t think we were going to get any,” he said. We never really know what we’ll get, do we, despite all our careful plans and predictions. All we can do is show up and hope for the best.

Sidney waterfront

Last week I had the occasion to visit the small town of Sidney, on Vancouver Island, for the first time. I took the early ferry over, ran my few errands, and found myself with some time to kill before the next ferry back home. Cold, wet, and gloomy weather notwithstanding, the pup and I headed to the waterfront to explore a bit.

Sidney pier

It was looking pretty bleak and deserted, but I think in nicer weather it would be quite charming. And probably a lot busier!

fish market, Sidney B.C.

fish market, Sidney B.C.

Definitely worth a return trip on a warm spring or summer day.

Sidney pier