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blue-eyed Mary

Blue-eyed Mary is a wildflower that pops up faithfully every spring on the mossy embankment at the end of our property. It is very pretty but also tiny, and easy to overlook.


blue-eyed mary, Pender Island B.C.



A close-up of Queen Anne’s lace, just coming into bloom.


Somehow this photo reminds me of those shots of the universe where everything is exploding outward.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

chocolate lilies

I went out this morning to catch the first rays on these newly bloomed chocolate lilies, another island wildflower.


They grow profusely in an open meadow above the sea, in one of the island’s protected parks.


I had just gotten in my car to head home when two other vehicles pulled up. Perfect timing! I’m not anti-social, but I find it much easier to get into my photographic “zone” when I’m alone. Now that tourist season has begun, I’ll be making a point of getting out early to beat the crowds.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

fawn lilies

April is a special month here on the island, because many of the prettiest wild flowers begin to bloom. Today I found these exquisite fawn lilies.


They seem to be very particular about where they like to grow, and their bloom period is short. I learned this the hard way last year, when I went out looking for them and they were already done flowering for the season.


Glad I didn’t miss them this time.