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water painting (2 images)

Yesterday morning I enjoyed a beautifully mild, breezy wander at the beach. I decided to try experimenting with my 6-stop ND filter and different shutter speeds to see what effect it would have on the appearance of the water. By changing my lens’s aperture, I ended up with a 1.3 second exposure for the top photo, and a .6 second exposure for the bottom.  Do you have a preference?


Brooks Point, Pender Island B.C.


Brooks Point, Pender Island B.C.


winter’s bluster (3 images)

Honestly, I really didn’t feel like venturing out this morning. The temperature was around freezing with a stiff wind which made it feel a lot colder. But I gave myself a stern talking to, bundled up, and headed down to the beach.

The salt spray immediately coated my lens, and the wind made my eyes water, necessitating much wiping of each. Despite the bracing weather, it really was a beautiful winter morning.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


summer solstice

Happy first day of summer! Today is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Summers here on Pender Island are wonderful. Days are sunny and warm, rarely becoming unpleasantly hot thanks to ocean breezes. Nights are cool, humidity is low, and mosquitoes and other annoying bugs are few.

However, summer is not my best-loved photography season. Early morning is my favourite time to be out with my camera, but I’m not hard-core enough to set my alarm for 4:00 AM to catch a summer sunrise, and the sun is already high in the sky and the best light gone by 7:00 AM. So bring on the later sunrises and earlier sunsets — I’m not at all sad that the days will be getting shorter from here on out.

This shot was taken a couple of days ago on a south Pender Island beach, around 9:45 PM or about half an hour after sunset.

Gowlland Point, Pender Island B.C.

stormy Saturday

This past weekend was a mixed bag weather-wise, especially Saturday which brought showers and a mini-windstorm. The wind kicked up a few waves along this rugged stretch of shoreline, and I had fun trying to capture the movement of the water, while waging a constant battle against the raindrops being blown onto my lens.

It was a challenge for me to find a pleasing composition in this location. The tide was low, exposing a messy jumble of rocks and boulders, so after a bit of a struggle I abandoned my preferred aesthetic of “clean and minimal” and embraced the chaos. Perhaps a little disorder better conveys the mood of a stormy west coast day, after all.

Boundary Bay waves, Pender Island, B.C.

Craddock beach sunrise

I was lucky to catch a few moments of yesterday’s rising sun before it disappeared behind the clouds. The wind was chilly but the waves were perfect — lively enough to make things interesting, but not so wild that they sprayed my camera (or me).

Craddock sunrise Pender Island B.C.

I finally bought myself a cheap wired shutter release (the Vello RS-C1II for those who are curious) and this beach outing was the perfect opportunity to try it out. It worked without a hitch and made it so much easier to capture a wave or water-trail shot than using my camera’s self-timer.