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king tides

‘Tis the season for king tides: extreme high tides caused by the combined gravitational forces of the sun and moon when the moon is closest to the earth.

King tides combined with stormy weather can cause damaging flooding and erosion in coastal communities. The effects will only increase as sea levels rise due to climate change. Luckily, here on Pender Island, the vast majority of houses and roads have been built far enough above sea level to escape flooding, and our rocky shores are highly resistant to erosion.

Pictured here is a more benign effect of a king tide: driftwood logs left behind as the tide retreats.

tidal leavings, Pender Island B.C.

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another day, another beach

This little beach is a new discovery for me. Separated by rocky cliffs from a long chain of beaches nearby, it feels both secluded and protected.

Arbutus trees cling to the cliff.

The strand is shallow. Here at high tide you can see every pebble under the crystal clear water.

The high bank behind the beach has been taken over by beautiful but invasive yellow broom.

These stone steps provide beach access for some lucky property owners. They must have a stunning view.