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late October

I took this photo at the end of last month, after a day of stormy weather. The sun finally broke through the clouds just before it sank below the horizon.
abstract sunset, Pender Island B.C.

a soft spring evening

I wandered down to the beach last evening with my camera, enjoying the mild spring air and a pastel sunset. The only sounds were the crunch of my feet on the stones, the  hiss of the incoming tide, and the splash and huff of a lone seal surfacing as it swam along the shore. There were no other people — I was surprised I didn’t see anyone else out for a walk. They’ll never know what they missed.

spring sunset, Pender Island B.C.Calm seas and serene hues on South Pender Island

channel sunset

This weekly challenge has really highlighted for me how much of a morning photographer I am. The vast majority of my photographs are taken early in the day, but here is a rare dinner-hour shot taken from Pender Island overlooking the channel towards Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island.

oak bluffs sunset Pender Island

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime