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smoke on the water

I’ve met the owner of this sailboat. He lives on it with his very young daughter and their very large dog.

sailboat Port Browning Pender IslandPender Island, British Columbia

We first crossed paths one morning after the dad had rowed his daughter and their dog to shore. The little girl is a cutie-pie and a real chatterbox. She informed me she was on her way to school. When I asked if she was in kindergarten, she looked at me as if I were a complete moron and scoffed, “No, I’m in PRE-school!” She then practically told me her whole life story, including some details I probably shouldn’t have heard. I got the impression her dad is looking for living accommodations on the island, but for now the boat is their temporary home.

I can’t imagine that staying on a boat over the winter would be very comfortable, even in our fairly mild climate. I hope they find something soon.