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Brooks Point, Pender Island

In the fading light of a summer evening, I am alone in a lonely place…yet I only ever feel at home.

Brooks Point, Pender Island B.C.

stormy Saturday

This past weekend was a mixed bag weather-wise, especially Saturday which brought showers and a mini-windstorm. The wind kicked up a few waves along this rugged stretch of shoreline, and I had fun trying to capture the movement of the water, while waging a constant battle against the raindrops being blown onto my lens.

It was a challenge for me to find a pleasing composition in this location. The tide was low, exposing a messy jumble of rocks and boulders, so after a bit of a struggle I abandoned my preferred aesthetic of “clean and minimal” and embraced the chaos. Perhaps a little disorder better conveys the mood of a stormy west coast day, after all.

Boundary Bay waves, Pender Island, B.C.

a soft spring evening

I wandered down to the beach last evening with my camera, enjoying the mild spring air and a pastel sunset. The only sounds were the crunch of my feet on the stones, the  hiss of the incoming tide, and the splash and huff of a lone seal surfacing as it swam along the shore. There were no other people — I was surprised I didn’t see anyone else out for a walk. They’ll never know what they missed.

spring sunset, Pender Island B.C.Calm seas and serene hues on South Pender Island

twisted trees

Around here the trees at the ocean’s edge tend to grow in interesting shapes, their trunks and branches sculpted by prevailing winds.

bent maple Pender Island

I found this maple and Douglas fir growing in tandem on an exposed hillside. In more hospitable growing conditions these trees would be growing straight and tall, but here they appear to be clinging to the jagged rock face.