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morning ferry view

I went to the mainland this past weekend to attend a friend’s birthday party, which entailed getting up very early Friday morning to catch the first ferry off island. Normally when I take this ferry, I buy a cup of tea, find a seat in the most out-of-the-way corner, and hunker down for the two-hour journey. But this day, the pre-sunrise clouds were hanging low and misty over the islands, luring me out on deck to try to capture the mood of a winter morning in the Pacific Northwest. I added a little intentional camera blur to match the state of my half-awake brain.


Active Pass, Gulf Islands B.C.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

winter ambience

Most people would associate the term “ambience” with an indoor space or man-made environment, but I’d argue that nature can have some pretty spectacular ambience, too – such as this morning’s sunrise that lit the harbour with golden light. It almost looks warm, doesn’t it? But the temperature was just below freezing.


winter light, Pender Island B.C.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

winter’s bluster (3 images)

Honestly, I really didn’t feel like venturing out this morning. The temperature was around freezing with a stiff wind which made it feel a lot colder. But I gave myself a stern talking to, bundled up, and headed down to the beach.

The salt spray immediately coated my lens, and the wind made my eyes water, necessitating much wiping of each. Despite the bracing weather, it really was a beautiful winter morning.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


craddock beach, Pender Island B.C.


embracing the unknown

With regards to photography, sure I have goals: improve my technique, expand my artistic vision, blah, blah, blah… but I find if I’m too rigid about following a plan, or chase pre-conceived notions, my creativity can suffer. Whereas if I go with the flow and allow myself to be open to all possibilities, new ideas often blossom. So I prefer my horizon to be a little foggy (haha, see what I did there?).

Medicine Beach fog Pender Island

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon