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the gathering

A group of gulls settle down to roost on a clear pink twilight at the end of last month, with the snowy peak of Mount Baker glowing in the background.

gulls roost Pender Island twilight

I only just found out that the pink band which appears across the horizon just after sunset or before sunrise has a name. It’s called the belt of Venus, and is caused by sunlight refracting off dust particles high in the atmosphere.

blue to gold

Yesterday evening, I checked the clouds and thought they held the potential for a good sunset, so the pup and I headed out to the marina. If nothing else, it was a nice night for a walk.

It was windy and the docks were rolling and creaking. Pup did not like this at all.

The boats were rocking, setting off all their bells. It was a seaside symphony.

At pup’s insistence, we left the dodgy docks for the safety of solid land.
DSCF7145 (1)

The wind was strong out on the breakwater, creating lots of exciting waves and spray.
DSCF7178 (1)

Just as we were ready to leave for home, we were rewarded. The sky blossomed pink and gold.
DSCF7986 (1)