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Sidney waterfront

Last week I had the occasion to visit the small town of Sidney, on Vancouver Island, for the first time. I took the early ferry over, ran my few errands, and found myself with some time to kill before the next ferry back home. Cold, wet, and gloomy weather notwithstanding, the pup and I headed to the waterfront to explore a bit.

Sidney pier

It was looking pretty bleak and deserted, but I think in nicer weather it would be quite charming. And probably a lot busier!

fish market, Sidney B.C.

fish market, Sidney B.C.

Definitely worth a return trip on a warm spring or summer day.

Sidney pier

old pier (part 2)

Last year I posted a couple of photos of this destroyed pier, but I always wanted to go back and do a long-exposure.


This week I took advantage of a particularly low tide and good weather, and returned to the site. While Wednesday’s post was a close-up of a small portion of the pier, the above image shows the entire thing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

rhapsody in blue

These pilings are the remnants of a pier from a former fish reduction plant that burned down in 1959. You can still see charred areas on the wood.

Parks Canada recently purchased the land the plant was located on, adding it to the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. The tree pictures in my previous post were also taken in this park, just a little ways down the beach.