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Low tide at Grimmer Bay

Morning sun illuminates Grimmer Bay, which is named after Washington Grimmer, a Pender Island pioneer. He was the island’s first postmaster, bringing the mail by rowboat from a neighbouring island.


The trees on the tiny islet are looking very autumnal, probably as much due to the stress of a very dry summer as it is to a change of season. I have a vision of this scene shrouded in a light mist. When conditions are right, I’ll go back to see if the reality matches my imagination.


low tide

After dropping off weekend visitors at the sea plane early Monday morning, I decided to explore the nearby beach. Luckily it was low tide – this beach is mostly inaccessible when the tide is high.
DSCF7539 (1)

Eroded sandstone:

Seaweed and barnacle-encrusted rocks:
DSCF7524 (1)

I clambered out onto the rocks as far as I dared with camera in hand:
DSCF7541 (1)