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the quest for simplicity

I’m always looking for minimalist compositions, which can be a challenge in an exuberantly messy rain forest environment. Where I live there are few open fields, long clean stretches of sandy beach, and featureless horizons. I love foggy days, when busy surroundings are obscured and colours are toned down, but fog doesn’t come around very often. Macro can work, because it’s fairly easy to isolate your subject by blurring the background. But for this image, the ocean provided a blank canvas upon which some ribbons of kelp gracefully arranged themselves.

kelp, Pender Island B.C.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

beach spaghetti

Kelp is a form of giant seaweed that grows plentifully around the Gulf Islands. It’s a fast-growing annual plant that often gets washed ashore in winter, its bright yellow-orange ropes looking oddly like spaghetti.

Pender Island kelp Hamilton Beach

Kelp can grow into great underwater forests, providing shelter for many ocean species such as fish, shellfish, and jellies. Indigenous peoples used it to make fishing lines and nets. It is edible too, and there are recipes for kelp salads, soups, and even smoothies, though I’ve never had a burning desire to try any of these. Maybe one day when I’m feeling adventurous…