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Shingle Bay

This is one of Pender Island’s prettiest “secret” beaches. Parks Canada recently turned it into a campsite, but as it is accessible only by hiking, kayaking, or canoeing in, it remains sparsely used.

At very low tide you can walk over the exposed shingle to the islet; however, posted signs warn that the islet is closed to exploration to help protect its fragile ecosystem.

Shingle Bay, Pender Island B.C.

I’ll be “off the grid” for the next few days, so I’m making this post a day ahead of schedule. I’ll also schedule a post for Wednesday, but I won’t be able to respond to comments until the end of the week.

sea of clouds

Living on an island means I am surrounded by the constant boundary of the ocean. It defines the contours of the land, separates me from the mainland, and sometimes at high tide cuts off access to certain areas. So it was yesterday morning, when I found that the shoreline I’d planned to use for the foreground of my photo was under water.

Oh well, I took this picture instead, which I’m not unhappy with. The fog was starting to dissipate, and lacking an anchoring foreground, the islet appears to be drifting off in a sea of clouds.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Low tide at Grimmer Bay

Morning sun illuminates Grimmer Bay, which is named after Washington Grimmer, a Pender Island pioneer. He was the island’s first postmaster, bringing the mail by rowboat from a neighbouring island.


The trees on the tiny islet are looking very autumnal, probably as much due to the stress of a very dry summer as it is to a change of season. I have a vision of this scene shrouded in a light mist. When conditions are right, I’ll go back to see if the reality matches my imagination.