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cropped images in the WordPress Reader

Dear photography/art bloggers: Have you noticed that the WordPress Reader is now displaying only a cropped version of your carefully composed photo/artwork? Worse yet, the crop is of the top third of the image, which in many cases eliminates the main subject of your photo. I’m concerned that this poorly thought out change will have a detrimental effect on viewership for all bloggers who rely on imagery to drive traffic to their sites. If you care, please make your voice heard in the forum on this thread.

Edit: It appears the WordPress Reader cropping problem is not affecting everyone. I hope someone from WordPress responds to the forum thread to clarify this issue.

Edit 2: It seems the problem is happening in my Safari browser (Mac) but not in Firefox. I haven’t tested Chrome because I don’t have that. For now as a workaround I’ll use Firefox for my WordPress viewing.

Edit 3: I updated my Mac OS to the latest version of Yosemite (10.10.5), restarted Safari and loaded up WordPress. The images in the reader are now displaying in full, hooray! So if you’re on a Mac and are having the cropping problem, it is worth trying to update your OS to the latest version (a good idea in any case).

Grimmer Bay Pender Island