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wild blue yonder

Out photographing at the beach the other day, I happened across this fellow as he was preparing to launch his kayak. We exchanged hellos, and he burst out, “Could this day be any more beautiful?” (à la Chandler Bing from “Friends”). I asked if I could take a couple of pictures of him, explaining that I thought he and his yellow kayak would look great floating off into the wild blue yonder, and he said OK, and would I email him one? He wanted something to document his voyage and to show his friends back home.

Pender Island Medicine Beach

He set off, exclaiming about how clear the water was. Totally absorbed in the moment, he was enjoying his adventure to the utmost, and his enthusiasm was heartwarming to behold. I took several shots; this is the one I liked best. For me it has that “one man against the elements” feel, with the little yellow kayak looking brave but fragile surrounded by all the immensity of the sea and misty sky.

I sent him three photos, and he emailed back to say he was so grateful to have them. I was glad to be able to give him a memento of his special day.