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double vision

A while back I stumbled across the extraordinary multiple-exposure photography of Valda Bailey. Seeing her work inspired me to start experimenting with the multiple-exposure mode on my own camera.


Over the past week or so I have wasted invested an inordinate amount of time pounding my head against the wall learning how my camera processes light and dark values when layering two images and how to produce a picture that isn’t complete crap all washed out. I’ve also discovered that changing the exposure value, aperture, and focal length between shots can affect the outcome in interesting ways.


The end result is still totally unpredictable, and coming up with a keeper is rare, but it’s fun trying! One really great advantage of digital cameras is that they allow us to experiment without worrying about the cost of each exposure…although I fear my camera’s shutter button must be feeling the pain of the workout I’ve been putting it through.