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ferns unfurling (4 images)

I spent some time yesterday crouched by a bunch of new ferns, absorbed by the play of light and shadow among the unfurling fronds. At first I tried to take some shots hand-held, but there just was not enough light, so I ended up using my tripod. I could have saved some time and wasted frames if only I’d used the tripod from the beginning! Note to self: don’t be lazy, do it right the first time.





fish bones

I’ve given up waiting for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge to be posted, so here’s another back-yard fern photo, processed in black and white.

Edit: It appears the Weekly Photo Challenge has now appeared, and the theme is “harmony”. I’ll keep this photo as my challenge entry, because the flow of curves and shapes throughout the image is harmonious to my eye.

ferns black and white

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony