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frozen seaweed

On a recent morning beach walk, I happened upon this bit of seaweed that had snagged on a driftwood log and frozen overnight. A few minutes later the rising sun had melted most of the frost away.


frosty seaweed, Pender Island B.C.


Craddock beach sunrise

I was lucky to catch a few moments of yesterday’s rising sun before it disappeared behind the clouds. The wind was chilly but the waves were perfect — lively enough to make things interesting, but not so wild that they sprayed my camera (or me).

Craddock sunrise Pender Island B.C.

I finally bought myself a cheap wired shutter release (the Vello RS-C1II for those who are curious) and this beach outing was the perfect opportunity to try it out. It worked without a hitch and made it so much easier to capture a wave or water-trail shot than using my camera’s self-timer.