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partners in crime

I don’t normally make more than one post a day, and I was intending to skip this week’s photo challenge because I didn’t have a suitable picture. But then this afternoon I spied these two deer, trying to play it cool while sneakily sampling various garden plants.

deer, Pender Island B.C.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


When I first found out that this week’s photo challenge was “inspiration”, I thought it was almost too broad a subject. How on earth could I choose an image that encapsulates what I find inspiring about photography? But then I recalled this picture and how I felt when I took it.


I happened to be out in the back yard a couple of evenings ago, and heard a rustle. This beautiful young buck peeked out at me from behind the tree, no doubt just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. The glow of the setting sun lit him up like he was on a stage. For two seconds he stood there, and then was gone.

It was a magical, fleeting moment, and I had been lucky enough to be there to experience it, and record it.

Whether it be a serendipitous encounter like this one, or the particular play of light and shadow on a scene, or a striking combination of shape, colour and texture–it’s the thrill of discovery, the capturing of the unexpected, that makes photography so much fun.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

mama and babies

I came across this mama deer and her twin babies the other day as they were crossing the road in front of my car (one of the first things you learn as an island newcomer is to watch out for deer on the road!).


I pulled over and followed them for a bit as they moseyed into the woods. Unfortunately for me, they were more interested in eating than in posing for a portrait, and try as I might, I could not persuade both fawns to look my way at the same time.