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This crow was scavenging for a delicious seafood breakfast before I so rudely interrupted his meal. He took off and made his feelings known with an indignant “Caw!”. (I’m sure he went right back to his “catch of the day” after I left.)

crow at Medicine Beach, Pender Island, B.C.

Crow at Medicine Beach, Pender Island

as the crow flies

We’ve had some interesting weather patterns moving through our area over the past week. Here, shafts of sunlight pierced a huge black cloud, spotlighting a lone sailboat.


As I was taking the picture, I noticed a few crows flying through the frame. I timed it so this particular crow would appear to be acting as a guide for the boat.

I love this time of year. Variable weather makes for interesting skies for land- and seascapes, while the temperatures are still pleasant.