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A while back I was out on a very dull grey day. Not the most inspiring light for photography, but my eye was attracted by this reflection of a tree in a lake, distorted by the slightly rippled water. I converted the image to black and white as the scene was almost monochrome to begin with.

I’m pretty sure if I ever tried my hand at calligraphy, this is what it would look like. And speaking of calligraphy, here’s a wonderful short video of a calligraphy master at work.

monochrome reflection, Pender Island


Yesterday I went out for a hike through the woods looking for signs of autumn. I found this little cluster of mushrooms growing in the hollow of some tree roots. You know a change of seasons is underway when the mushrooms start popping up.


A dozen perfect specimens (yes, I can count, the twelfth is hiding behind the mushroom on the lower left), layered just so. It was almost as if they’d arranged themselves into this pose and were patiently waiting for a photographer to find them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


An experimental shot of last night’s sunset. I used intentional camera movement with a slow shutter and deliberately under-exposed to get a darker feel. A bi-colour filter applied in post enhanced the eerie vibe.


And for fun, here’s a black and white version.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

ocean spray

Ocean spray is a native shrub that grows all over the island. Its sprays of white flowers appear in early summer, attracting bees and butterflies.


Here, the sun is hitting the outermost white flowers, leaving the rest of the shrub in deep shadow. I processed the photo in black and white to emphasize the strong contrast, and the result seemed well-suited to this week’s photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

old pier (part 2)

Last year I posted a couple of photos of this destroyed pier, but I always wanted to go back and do a long-exposure.


This week I took advantage of a particularly low tide and good weather, and returned to the site. While Wednesday’s post was a close-up of a small portion of the pier, the above image shows the entire thing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken