water painting (2 images)

Yesterday morning I enjoyed a beautifully mild, breezy wander at the beach. I decided to try experimenting with my 6-stop ND filter and different shutter speeds to see what effect it would have on the appearance of the water. By changing my lens’s aperture, I ended up with a 1.3 second exposure for the top photo, and a .6 second exposure for the bottom.  Do you have a preference?


Brooks Point, Pender Island B.C.


Brooks Point, Pender Island B.C.


34 thoughts on “water painting (2 images)

  1. margaret21

    I prefer the second one. The first one gives the water something of the impression of steam, and therefore to my eyes seems a little odd. But both photos are very atmospheric.

  2. a magic moment with holly

    Oh yes! Somehow the first photo allows me to feel the movement of the water while the second photo, although sharper, stops the motion and no longer has the magic. Also in the second photo the eye gets caught by the sharpness of the darker waves in the middle ground where they are gathering and have not yet broken and stops there, where as in the first image one’s gaze moves back and forth from the distant headlands to the wash on the beach an d you can actually feel the rhythm of the waves coming up on the beach. i don’t think yo need to have the breaking wave in sharp focus.

  3. Seattle Park Lover

    I prefer the second one. I think if the first one had a bit slower shutter speed it might have worked for me better. It seems to be at an awkward in between point. But the great thing about creative photography is that there’s no right or wrong, just personal preference.

  4. Reinhold Staden

    Image #2 shows the energy of the water. I think the images are still “close” together. I wonder what the result would be if image #1 would have been 10-30 seconds. Could have been a different race. But the winner is #2… in this race! Smiles. Reinhold 🙂 one thing left to say: beautiful seascape image(s), Karen!

  5. Ines

    I prefer the first one, it’s more dreamy. 🙂 I agree with what was said in a previous comment, the magic kind of gets lost in the second photo as it’s more sharp and contrasted. What is your preference?

  6. Richard

    I’m late but I’m not into sharpness so I prefer the longer exposure. And appreciate your “how to” information.

  7. Sally

    If we all chose the same views all the time the world would lose much of its wonder. While some prefer sweeping landscapes, others may opt for more intimate closeups. Some enjoy both. I’m continually amazed by the beauty that photographers capture — by sharing their work, as you do, I’m able to see the world through eyes other than my own. The comments clearly show that “beauty” is in the beholder. 🙂


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