23 thoughts on “moody morning

      1. pattimoed

        That’s what I do. Just wondering. I was thinking about getting another camera, but it wasn’t weather-proof. A deal breaker, I thought.

      2. bythebriny Post author

        My cameras are supposedly weather-sealed, but I doubt they are weather-proof. I don’t worry about light rain — I carry a small towel to wipe off drops and spray and so far haven’t had any problems.

  1. ntbathskyline

    Amazing landscape! Reminds me of my time spent studying in Vancouver and trips going caterpillar hunting on some of the tiny islands right off the south coast of BC. Ahh I miss the sea and the mountains. Thanks for the very welcome nostalgia. Fantastic photography 😊

    1. bythebriny Post author

      Thank you! The Pacific Northwest is hard to get out of your blood once you’ve experienced it. (Except I could do without the 7-year tent caterpillar cycle.)

      1. ntbathskyline

        Haha, yes, the western tent caterpillars were what I was looking for. I was doing a field assistant internship looking at the cyclical population dynamics between the caterpillar and a virus that seems to show almost parallel fluctuations – I became quite fond of the little critters! (Though I understand that they can be devastating!) Anyway, it was great fun boating around all the little islands down there. I will return one day I am sure!

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