big wave

I spent a very pleasant few hours yesterday, putting my new Voigtlander 58mm lens through its paces and taking photos of waves at the beach. I’m not sure there’s anything more chaotic than the ocean on a windy day. And oh yes, I love the lens!

big wave, Pender Island B.C.
Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

32 thoughts on “big wave

  1. Anita

    Believe it or not, the ocean was the first thing I thought of for the challenge as well. Then, on my way to get the photo I had in mind, I saw my sister and her alcohol inks, and decided to click that instead. 😁

  2. pattimoed

    Hi, Karen. Gorgeous! The Voigtlander is impressive. What camera do you have? I’m debating whether I want to invest in a mirrorless camera. Decisions, decisions.

    1. bythebriny Post author

      Thanks! I bought the Voigtlander for my Nikon D750, but I also use a Fuji X-T2 mirrorless which I love. The Fuji system has some really wonderful lenses, and you can also use lenses from other systems via adapter if you don’t mind focussing manually.

      1. bythebriny Post author

        It’s great for travel. Compact and light, especially when paired with a small prime lens (23mm f2, 27mm f2.8 pancake, 35mm f2). If you don’t need 24 mp or the best tracking autofocus, the X-T1 is a bargain right now. Renting is a good idea.

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