autumn berries

I believe this is a hawthorn tree. The berries are so bright and beautiful at this time of year.

hawthorn, Pender Island B.C.


31 thoughts on “autumn berries

  1. Lena

    So strange, in Swedish this is a whole other kind of berries – hagthorne, and hawthorne is an orange berry with thin long olive green leaves. I had no idea the same name could be used to two completely different species in different languages. Never the less this picture is so lovely!

  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    We call it hawthorn too – what a great photo though. I often try and take photos of the berries because they are so nice – but nothing like this beautiful shot!

  3. Claudette

    Very nice photo. We call it Hawthorn. Sadly I have the white variety that tens to smell bad after the flowers are dying. I believe the red variety doesn’t have that smell.

  4. BuntyMcC

    Hawthorn where I live; and the berries are called haws. Did your plant have huge thorns? The wild versions often do, whereas the ornamental ones often do not. Lovely shot.


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