fun with multiple exposures (3 images)

Inspired by Noortje Russel, I went out into the yard this morning to experiment with my camera’s multiple exposure feature. It was a very fun and freeing exercise, and although there were plenty of failed images, I can see using this technique in the future when I’m in the mood for “artsy-fartsy” photos. Ha.

toadflax, Pender Island B.C.

grasses, Pender Island B.C.

maple leaves, Pender Island B.C.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!

42 thoughts on “fun with multiple exposures (3 images)

  1. pattimoed

    Hi, Karen. Great experiment! I especially like the first and second images. I will need to check this out on my camera. It’s an intriguing way to “blur” time.

  2. Noortje Russel

    I missed this one… and you even mentioned me!!! (it was probably during some migraine-days…)
    But I love your experiment. I think the first two are the best, the first has lovely colors but I am in love with the second one… really gorgeous, well done!

  3. Lena

    The first photo eally made me think of Noortjes pictures before I read your text. I really like her work and wish I had double exposure as a choice in my camera.
    I love the second photo, it is such a soft and romantic feeling and it is not an easy task to get a “one-colour” image with contrast like this.

      1. Lena

        I know, but that is no challenge to learn more and develop as a photographer so I’m not interested in that. I hardly ever use any programs like that. But thanks anyway 🙂

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