Well dang. I used all my best curvy photos in my Wednesday post. Luckily, Nature provides an abundance of curves wherever one looks, and this green sea anemone is no exception with its wonderfully wavy tentacles.

Did you know? Sea anemones are immortal. Maybe in the future, scientists will come up with some form of sea anemone gene therapy, and humans could be forever young.

sea anemone, Pender Island B.C.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve


32 thoughts on “sinuous

    1. bythebriny Post author

      It is, isn’t it? Maybe it would be best if immortality came with a switch, and we could turn ourselves off when we’d had enough of living.

  1. Lena

    No, I had no idea they where immortal, thats cool even though I do not wanna live forever it would be nice to have a “young” body through out your whole life. Lovely curvy anemone, and the colour is very beautiful. I’ve never seen a green one.

  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a stunning colour. The ones on our Atlantic shore tend to be red. I’ll be turning to ferns for my post – not nearly as impressive as your shots from last Wednesday though:)

    1. bythebriny Post author

      We have some with pink tentacles here, which I have seen, and also some that are all-over pink, which I have yet to find. It’s an ongoing quest!


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