ferns unfurling (4 images)

I spent some time yesterday crouched by a bunch of new ferns, absorbed by the play of light and shadow among the unfurling fronds. At first I tried to take some shots hand-held, but there just was not enough light, so I ended up using my tripod. I could have saved some time and wasted frames if only I’d used the tripod from the beginning! Note to self: don’t be lazy, do it right the first time.





31 thoughts on “ferns unfurling (4 images)

  1. Lena

    He he, I really recognize myself about being lazy with the tripod, and everytime I regret it.
    Amazing photos of the fern, you really made it look alive. And the colours are super!

  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    Stunning! I particularly like the first one, the colours, form, everything about it. I must try harder and use my tripod – I rarely do!!! But here is proof that it is well worth while:)


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