Pender Island dawn (2 images)

I was hoping for some sunrise colour but no luck today. Still, it was a beautiful morning to be out at the beach.

dawn, Pender Island B.C.

About half an hour later the light had changed dramatically and it was time to go–but not before grabbing a shot of some picturesque driftwood.

driftwood, Pender Island B.C.

22 thoughts on “Pender Island dawn (2 images)

  1. sustainabilitea

    No sunshine here today, either, but no photos at my end of things. I just got a walk in before the rain started, but it’s been a productive day, so I’m happy. Lovely photos.


      1. sustainabilitea

        It was dry for a bit, but not too bad the rest of the time. I walk quickly and it’s a good thing. 🙂 Got a lot done the rest of the day and enjoyed the latest Laurie R. King book. Don’t know if you know here, but she writes a series about Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell, really good stuff. We got to meet her last night at an author talk at our local independent bookstore. Good stuff.

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