Daisy, the jumping spider (5 images)

Allow me to introduce you to Daisy, a jumping spider that has taken up residence in our garden.

DSCF1819Do not get sucked into a staring contest with a jumping spider. You will lose.


With a total length of about one centimetre and distinctive red-orange markings, Daisy was easy to identify as a female Johnson jumping spider, one of the largest and most common jumping spiders in western North America.

DSCF1924Surveying her domain, or maybe looking for a Mr. Daisy?


On warm days she likes to hang out on a leaf or wall, sunning herself while keeping a lookout for her next meal. She doesn’t have a web, instead relying on superb vision (eight eyes providing an almost 360 degree view) to spot her prey. Then she pounces, immobilizing the hapless bug with venom.

Daisy is a shy little thing, and doesn’t like sudden movement. If I make too much of a ruckus, she’ll retreat into the depths of the nearest vegetation.



But most of the time, her curiosity gets the better of her and I’ll soon see her peeking over the edge of a leaf, watching me fiddle with my camera. I wonder if to her my camera and tripod combo looks like a gigantic three-legged one-eyed insect.



I’ve read that sometimes jumping spiders, attracted by their reflection, will leap right onto a camera lens. So far Daisy seems content to maintain a respectful distance, and that’s fine by me.

DSCF1919Gotta love that ‘do. The fringe really sets off her eyes.

22 thoughts on “Daisy, the jumping spider (5 images)

  1. Lena

    I really enjoy this serie of photos. Sometimes I get a visit of a spider like this on my balcony and they always makes me smile.

    1. bythebriny Post author

      Hi Aaron, great to hear from you and thank you! I hear you are into photography, too. I’d love to see some of your work sometime–do you have it online anywhere?

  2. Aaron Crabtree

    I’m not really much of a photographer…my M.O. is to look for spectacular scenes and then take photos for the memories. Some end up looking ok, because you can’t mess up the beauty of it…but I have a long way to go on the photography side. I’m 90% an autofocus shooter. I think the photos on your site are amazing.
    I do have a Flickr page with some of my vacation and hiking photos, etc:

    Lew at Moraine Lake
  3. Aaron Crabtree

    Thanks Karen, yes that’s Lewis…18 now. You know how fast the time flies. Your folks always keep me up to date with your family when we’re up there. I’m always amazed that you look exactly the same as I remember you…must be healthy living!

  4. Paige

    Oh my, this is hilarious! I am NOT a fan of spiders, and the thought of them actually jumping would place me about six feet behind where YOU were standing for these photos, but what great shots!!! The story is just as engaging as the pictures. Great job of storytelling! : )


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