fish bones

I’ve given up waiting for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge to be posted, so here’s another back-yard fern photo, processed in black and white.

Edit: It appears the Weekly Photo Challenge has now appeared, and the theme is “harmony”. I’ll keep this photo as my challenge entry, because the flow of curves and shapes throughout the image is harmonious to my eye.

ferns black and white

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

33 thoughts on “fish bones

    1. bythebriny Post author

      Thanks, I decided to keep this image as my entry for the challenge. Harmony is such a broad theme, it can be interpreted in almost any way you want.

  1. sustainabilitea

    This worked beautifully. I gave up after 11 hours, but the theme had to have been up for a short while, because I could find the link that wasn’t working, a bit of Michelle’s intro, and see that there were two responses, none of which I could access. 🙂 Ain’t technology grand?


  2. LaNae

    Ha! We did the same exact thing, Karen! I gave up waiting and posted my cherry blossoms and then up came the challenge good thing our posts fit. Or we would have had to manipulate the situation. 😉

    1. bythebriny Post author

      Yes, luckily we didn’t post discordant photos, or it would have been a tough sell. 😉 But really, I think you could make almost any nature photo work for this theme.


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