At the moment I feel like I’m living in a big marsh. The earth is saturated and squelchy, the ditches are full and running strong, and there are puddles everywhere. After a week of heavy rains, the sun came out briefly yesterday morning to illuminate a layer of mist over the lake before once again being obscured by clouds.

mist over lake Pender Island B.C.

17 thoughts on “respite

  1. Murtagh's Meadow

    It sounds just like here though we are thousands of miles apart! It rained all day yesterday (again) – everything is sodden but we did see the sun today between the hail showers! Love the photo:)

  2. sustainabilitea

    I had a lovely, sunny walk in the park this morning, where the snow was on the ground and not melting…enough to look beautiful and add some resistance to my walking, but not enough to be a problem. Your rain sounds less appealing, but you did get a lovely shot from it!


    1. bythebriny Post author

      Thanks. Your walk sounds much nicer than mine when I was walking along a wet trail, misjudged the firmness of the mud, and sank in ankle deep. Ugh. Must get some rubber boots.


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