Sidney waterfront

Last week I had the occasion to visit the small town of Sidney, on Vancouver Island, for the first time. I took the early ferry over, ran my few errands, and found myself with some time to kill before the next ferry back home. Cold, wet, and gloomy weather notwithstanding, the pup and I headed to the waterfront to explore a bit.

Sidney pier

It was looking pretty bleak and deserted, but I think in nicer weather it would be quite charming. And probably a lot busier!

fish market, Sidney B.C.

fish market, Sidney B.C.

Definitely worth a return trip on a warm spring or summer day.

Sidney pier

10 thoughts on “Sidney waterfront

  1. rwanderman

    Got you located on Apple maps now. I always enjoy seeing where folks are in the world and where their photographs are on a map (satellite and graphical). Looks rather bleak there, reminds me of why I got out of Eugene, Oregon in 1986: too much rain for me.

    Great images as always.

    1. bythebriny Post author

      Thank you! Yes, we do get some bleak winter days. The Gulf Islands are in a rain shadow though, and we don’t get nearly as much precipitation as the mainland. 🙂

  2. dosenkunst

    Great pictures from a very interesting country. We were in Vancouver last summer and went via the San Juan Islands to the Olympic Nat. Park. So we couldn´t see Vancouver Island. This is a pity. But… your images help a lot. Thanks for sharing. Greetings.


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