rising mist

A couple of days before Christmas, the pup and I went out to Hamilton Beach, a beautiful stretch of shoreline here on Pender Island. On this particular morning the combination of cold air and warmer water was creating great clouds of mist which looked very dramatic when lit up by the rising sun.

Pender Island mist, Port Browning

It was one of those times that made me glad I’d decided to get up and out the door early. I really should do it more often! It’s always such a pleasure to come home and review a new batch of photos over breakfast and a hot cup of tea.

Here’s a vertical rendition of the scene. Usually I have a strong preference for one version over another, but in this case I couldn’t decide. My daughter prefers the horizontal orientation. What do you think?

Pender Island mist, Port Browning

34 thoughts on “rising mist

  1. susurrus

    These are beautiful shots. I tried to capture a tug boat in the mist recently and it’s far from easy. I think I prefer the landscape version, though the portrait is also very striking. The reason is that the blue sky at the top of the shot creates an optical illusion – it looks like waves crashing onto the sea (I’m funny in what I see) and so I find it slightly distracting.

  2. Postcard Cafe

    The horizontal rendition gets my vote 🙂 It is a beautiful shot with wonderful paint like qualities. The vertical rendition offers more information and a bit more reality! For me the horizontal rendition is more immersive.
    I look forward to keeping up with more of your work in 2016.
    Mr C

  3. Yinglan

    I think I like the vertical version but the landscape version is so good too. I feel kind of torn between the two. You take such awesome shots! Happy New Year.

  4. Noortje Russel

    I can’t decide… they are both stunning to me. The horizontal has more drama, is more ominous. The vertical one is more paint like and with the bit of blue sky more hopeful. Well done!

  5. Monte Stevens

    I like the horizontal image. No, wait the vertical one. No, wait….. That’s a tough one as they both work. One may be better on the wall and one may be better on a magazine cover. Glad you and the pup got out. Happy New Year!

  6. Laura

    I prefer the first photo, horizontal, because it shows the darkness, maybe a storm on the way, much more of a story in this photo I think.

  7. Karen

    These images are beautiful, I do love the horizontal it has more impact. But they both are gorgeous. Happy New Year Karen to you and yours.


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