rubber boots and lens cloths

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Prior to yesterday’s big wind storm, I had two previous unsuccessful attempts at storm-chasing: the first time, the sky opened up in a deluge just as I arrived the beach; the second, all the clouds blew away leaving a glaring sun and boring blue sky. Third time’s a charm, and the conditions were perfect. Except I should have worn rubber boots, as it was distracting to keep having to leap out of the way of incoming surf and my feet ended up getting wet anyway. Also, the single cloth I’d brought to wipe the spray and rain off my gear was pretty well soaked and useless after five minutes. I needed lots more.

I ended up with many ruined shots due to tripod vibration (my little tripod was no match for 80km/hour winds!) and water spots that were impossible to get rid of. However, not all was lost. Here are a couple of my keepers.

Pender Island wind storm

Pender Island wind stormPender Island, British Columbia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

21 thoughts on “rubber boots and lens cloths

    1. bythebriny Post author

      It can get pretty wild here in the winter, especially right by the water. We’ve had a few big storms over the past couple of weeks, but today is mild, calm, and sunny!


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