rufous hummingbird

Female rufous hummingbirds feed on red hot poker plants. The males are elusive! Only one male has come near me, and I missed the shot.




18 thoughts on “rufous hummingbird

  1. rwanderman

    Very well done and from experience I know this is not an easy shot to get. Bravo. And, as one who only see refous hummingbirds when I’m visiting LA, it’s nice to see one. We only have ruby throated hummers here in Connecticut.

    1. bythebriny Post author

      Thanks, Paige! Wanted to let you know I have your Instagram bookmarked. The red canoe, maple keys, and blue bicycle are recent standouts for me. I tried making an Instagram account so I could comment, but it’s no-go unless I have an iPhone or iPad! grrr

      1. Paige

        You can access Instagram on the computer … I know because I’ve been there on mine. Have you tried that? Thanks for looking, that makes my day!!! : )

      2. bythebriny Post author

        I can access the Instagram site, but I can’t download the app onto my computer to create an account. There is no version of the software written for the Mac’s OS. 😦

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